Who believes in astrology?

Who believes in astrology? What are certain kinds that you feel are more correct than others? What are some reasons you believe it’s false or not?

Answer #1

Invented (made up) by man - says it all.

Answer #2

I don’t believe in it, but I like to read my monthly horoscope. (just for fun.) :)

Answer #3

I dont beleive in it but a tiny bit of it is true not the predicting of everyones life though there isnt on thing that can predict everyones life, action and future for one star sign!

Answer #4

I have seen no credible, scientific evidence that astrology works. In fact, a recent study strongly suggests that astrology does not work. Therefore, I do not believe in it.

Answer #5

I believe there is a science to our personalities. Astrology seems to have some connection to that science.

Answer #6

they can be accurate in ways I think … hooo-rayyy Pagans

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