Should you follow Astrology?

The Zodiac seems frightening accruate at times. Should it affect how you view people?? Should you turn someone away from someone just because the are the enemy sign of your sign?? Is the Zodiac really what it seems?? I’m not a Zodiac freak but my friend recently got really into it and now hes changing his views on people and rejecting people who were close to him just because their an enemy sign. He is beginning to perfer its beliefs over the Bible. He is a pieses which I guess happens to be the most powerful and godlike sign.

Answer #1

Astrology - definately, NO - Bible, dafinately, YES.

Answer #2

The signs in the zodiac are actually about a month off. For example, the zodaic says that anyone born Decmeber 22 to January 19 is a Capricorn. However, accroding to the astonomical observation, Capricorn should be January 19 – February 16.

Then you have to believe that anyone born within that month, in any year, has the same personality.

Then you have to believe that the movement of planets dictates the personality of a person.

Then you have to believe that your personality is dictated by when you are born, when in reality your personality is developing while you’re still in your mother’s womb.

Answer #3

Y’know the things that astrology says are so vague they could apply to anyone. There is an art to writing general things that appear to apply to everyone.

James Randi once visited a high school and got everyone’s birthday and gave everyone a personal horoscope. Everyone opened theirs and read it. He asked them how accurate they were. Some students said that they were so correct it was scary. After several testimonials he asked them to exchange their horoscope with the person sitting beside them. Some students objected saying that their horoscope was far too personal for anyone else to see. After everyone exchanged them they discovered that Randi gave the same horoscope to everyone. It was the same BS but it seemed correct and personal to everyone in the class.

That is the way astrology works, predictions and advice is so vague that believers can read anything into it so it seems correct.

Answer #4

Too much of anything can be a bad thing. Your friend seems to have gone a little overboard with his beliefs. Following the Zodiac if fine as long as you don’t let it get in the way of common sense or your day to day living. Much like anything else in your life, letting something else make all your choices for you isn’t a good way to go through life. Think for a moment if he was really into a TV show. Lived his life like one of the characters to the exclusion of all else in his life, you wouldn’t hesitate to stop him and try to break him of this unhealthy behavior.

It’s okay to have some enjoyment in being a fan of something, its okay to have a hobby that gives you enjoyment, but to have anything in your life that rules you to that extent is something that your friend should avoid. Try getting him some help.

As for yourself, feel free to read it. Feel free to get a chuckle from it. But don’t let it rule your life. Make sure you still call the shots.

Answer #5

When it comes to relationships, ALL zodiacs are compatible in different ways. They’ll all have positives and negatives. Horoscopes can be fun, just like a ouija board, or a tarot card reading. But you can’t think of them as an absolute truth. That will tend to cause more harm than good.

Answer #6

There are all kinds of things that can capture our hearts and minds… You already are seeing the fruit of this pursuit… and it is not good… need I say more???

Answer #7

I always read my Horid-Scope ( Yes I meant to spell it that way.) at the end of the days to see how close it was. . . . . .I’m still looking for the 1st right one. . .

Answer #8

If the Zodiac and Astrology were correct, why isn’t every column in every newspaper, every book, the same every day year after year? Astrology and the Zodiac are fun, but they should be taken lightly. If it were true, all the newspapers that feature astrology or the zodiac would have the same suggestions for every sign no matter who the author was.

Answer #9

No one should directly follow astrology, because astrology changes, as the universe around us is ever changing…

Now, I never read my horoscope. It tries to predict the events of the day, and it’s hardly ever correct. (Besides, so many people read their horoscope at the start of the day, usually in the newspaper, and as the day progresses they try to compare every little event to their horoscope. Lame.) I do, however, read about astrology. There are books that describe our Sun/Moon/Venus/Mars signs in-depth, and since the combinations are endless, it’s eerie how accurate they can describe people. Apparently, I’m a Scorpio-Gemini-Virgo-Pisces. Try that on for size…

Anyway, following it isn’t a very good idea, but reading about it and giving yourself goosebumps is always fun. :)

Answer #10

God Bless you too…

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