How do people predict star signs?

Im just wondering, because for each different star sign like taurus or libra has a different writing on it. do people just like make it up?

Answer #1

im not sure but im guessing its based on the month u were born in me and my sister kristyn were born in june so we are geminis

Answer #2

It’s whatever month you were born in has different colors.

Answer #3

It’s to do with planet alignment each star sign is connected to a different planet and so if these cross with another persons planet then they can be seen as having a good relationship for now but may not in the future or something like that. They don’t guess they do a lot of star gazing and also palm reading is another good way for predictions and are more personal than starsigns

Answer #4

it depends on what your date your birthday is , mine is 27th of june so im cancer .

Answer #5

i guess all these things are just kinda stuff that decieve people n just make them believe in stars and predictions that might never excist.

Answer #6

depends whether the astrologer is full of crap or not

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