Do you believe in astrology?

Hello. Do you believe in astrology? I personally do believe in it. And I always visit websites about astrology.. Do you know any websites that provides free and accurate reading? Please share with me. Thanks a lot! ^^

Answer #1

I don’t think it’s a good influence and it’s flat wrong much of the time.

Answer #2

I believe in it! There is also more to just basic horoscopes, [to the other responders] theres what kind of person you will be deoending on the day you were born, time, chinese astrology, etc. I love it :)

Answer #3

I dont know if I believe in know sometimes I read the things under my sign and I that sounds a lot like me..but then when I read my horoscope I can everyone in the world who is a gemini be having the same kind of day as me ..and it seems almost impossible.

Answer #4

It’s pure entertainment. How can we all fit so nicely into 12 packages?

Answer #5

It is all hokum. The predictions and advice in astrology is so general that it could mean many things.

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