Believe in astrology?

Do any of you believe in astrology and zodiac signs?

I find them unbelievably true. It’s amazing. I’m a cancer:]

Check out..

Go to google and type in Zodiac signs astrology Should come up.

Answer #1

I don’t believe in astrology or any of the zodiac signs am scorpio.I evevn signed up for the horoscope stuff but am seek of it and the are still ending me e-mails!!! eek do you know how I can stop there msgs from coming to my mails?because am sick of it

Answer #2

As a test, record each day whether your horoscope was accurate. This is necessarily subjective, but be as honest with yourself as you can be. Do this for about a month. Then, pick a different sign at random and do the same thing.

If you are honest, you’ll see no significant difference between the degree of accuracy for the two sign.

Answer #3

I personally don’t believe them. But I’m not going to put down the fact that others do, if people want to… thats great, power to yeah!

Answer #4

im a cancer also! and its so true about what they have to say.. well personaly I dont believe the day by day horoscope becasue there kind of off and not all cancers are going to go through the same thing everyday!! but as in personality traits yes most def YES!

Answer #5

Haha- Yeah, some of them are really accurate. Some of the horoscopes are really good too- one of the daily ones almost mapped out my previously planned day. Britz

Answer #6

yea im an aquarious did you know their is actually a 13th form

Answer #7

I believe in it. Im a taurus. ^^

Answer #8

Yes… Most of mine come true. Once, I had my first lesson of netball, and my horiscope said I was going to join a sport or club.

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