Do you believe in your sign?

Do you feel that most people with your astrological sign has a set of like characteristics, or that when you read a list of characteristics according to your sign, you find ways to make them apply in your life?

Answer #1

I fit my sign to a tee. I love being an Aquarian and I can usually tell the sign of another person based on their personality if I’ve known them for a while.

Answer #2

I love the zodiac and horoscopes etc. They characteristics of my sign Leo are like me, in many ways lol…I love them! I read my horoscope every week and use it as a guideline for example if it says this week venus is in my sign and love is on the look-out, I think of it as a sign to show me is what I think is true, as in should I flirt with the guy I like. So yeah, I guess you can if you want make those characteristic apply in your life. Its all about choice =] x

Answer #3

I believe so.. all my horoscopes and stuff are ALWAYS right,.. its really freaky. but like it tells me stuff that I already know about myself.. awwwkward.

Answer #4

dude, they make sense 2 me but some make no sense. I almsot feel sometimes that they try 2 kinda tellu what you r. so I dont apply them 2 my life. I just try 2 read them and c what it says. theyre just something interesting 2 read every now and again

Answer #5

Why dont you tell me meggy. Am I a true virgo lol

Answer #6

Ahhh Yeahh. Mine perfectly describes me;its almost scary.

Answer #7

Not at all.

Answer #8

Not at all - some man made it up.

Answer #9

Mine describes a lot about me, but my cousin has the same sign and we’re complete opposites. So it might be accurate about me, but I dont think it’s accurate about everyone who was born in july..

Answer #10

yea b/c it descibes everthing about me

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