Can I call the police on this annoying bird outlaw?

My neighbor that lives behind me has a VERY loud bird. a lot of times throughout the night I can hear the bird yelling “heyaah!” it kinda sounds like a human..

anyways I want to know if I can call the police on them?

Answer #1

niqqqaaa I’dd shoot that bxtch ;]

Answer #2

Dude , whoever said Shoot the bird has major problems. That didnt even make me laugh . Thats abuse so shut up . I dont go around shooting you and you have a potty mouth so watch what you say on this.

Answer #3

Yes because if you can hear them late at night, then it’s disturbing the peace. You can call the police on them but all the police will do is tell them to train the bird to be quiet at night.

Answer #4

yea I know only I was saying it didnt make me laugh .

Answer #5

itss calledd a jOkee .

Answer #6

Tell your neighbors to make that bird shut the fck up or just shoot that little annoying btch lol

Answer #7

^^ wow. rofl. do the first/

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