Is it appropriate to report a 14 year old to the police for stalking?

Some looney chick of 14 who is messed up has been stalking me since last month. She betrayed me and I told her I never wanna talk to her again, but ever since then, she’s been stalking me thru phone, text, facebook and in person. At an lgbt club I go to and so does she, I reported her to the staffs but nothing helped. She never gives up. She will never stfu. Even if I don’t answer phone or message, she is relentless. Should I warn her about calling the cops?

Answer #1

It’s always appropriate, no matter who it is.

Answer #2

14 year olds can often times become very possessive of people. If you were ever really close to her, then she probably just feels like you should still have that closeness. Also, young people have problems dealing with drastic changes, so she’s probably just trying to hold onto that last bit of normalcy she possibly can. Warning her with the threat of calling the cops is a good idea, because it may scare her out of it, but unless she starts getting dangerous I just wouldn’t worry with it. She;s young, she’s probably immature, so it’s whatever. She’ll grow out of it.

Answer #3

we were never close we were just acquaintances just so u no

Answer #4

Well, this may be her way of trying to get to know you…or trying to become close. I don’t know, kids are weird lol. She’ll grow out of it eventually, but threatening her with the cops is a good way to freak her out and maybe she’ll get over it.

Answer #5

If you’re sure it’s stalking, then I’d assume so

Answer #6

ahh the downside to fame and glory, annoying fans…__ talk to one of her parents before involving police, let them know you are considering filing a complaint through the local dept.

Answer #7

yes it is if he wont leave you alone yes of course it is

Answer #8

Yes ofc it’s appropriate be a good citizen, and tell the cops.

Answer #9

Do you feel this person is a threat to you or is it just annoying? Sounds like she just wants attention.

Answer #10

thing is, she betrayed me. she doesnt deserve to be my friend.

Answer #11

Now that is truee

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