Can the police use Facebook or hack phones to investigate marijuana?

Can the police use facebook or hack phones to investigate marujana? I was wondering (hypothetically) if the police would be able to track the buying of weed by hacking facebook or someones phone?

Answer #1

Hack? No - evidence provided through an illegal action cannot be used in court. However, they can use anything that’s publicly displayed.

Answer #2

Ok thanks.

Answer #3

Police can - and HAVE - used info from facebook to find and arrest people.

Also, your boss, future jobs that you apply for, girlfriends, future girlfriends, parents, girlfriends parents … in short, what you put on the internet may come back to haunt you. So, keep that in mind. Just saying.

Answer #4

Well, always keep in mind that in any situation, especially if you are a suspect, the police CAN and WILL use any means that they can get away with to catch you. If they do someting illegal, no big deal. Of course it can’t be used in court, but you are still kinda on the hook and they will get you eventually. Police are just people, but they can get what’s called “tunnel vision” when they “believe” you are doing something wrong. When that happens, you are guilty until proven innocent and that’s just the way it is.

Answer #5

i heard something about the government monitoring facebook, and phone calls if they hear something that is a threat to them.

Answer #6

They probley can view your profile or look you up to find information about you but i dont think that can be testified in court but im not sure.

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