Why isn't South America called America?

I was born in South America (Colombia) and i personally hate how people just call them selves americans.. i see it all over the movies and stuff… but i dont understand it.. canada and mexico are also part of North America, shouldn;t they be called “america”?? i am american (south american that is) i just dont understand.. is Are people from United States OFFICIALLY called Americans or what? is it a law or people just stuck with it over the decades?

Answer #1

Its probably just something thats become normal over the years. I have heard people from South America referred to as Americans quite freqently, though I guess most people would hear America and automatically assume you meant North America, which would be annoying

Answer #2

Because the USA already claimed the name ;P haha idk..

Answer #3

makes sense… and it does annoy me but i deal with it… i dont know about others

Answer #4

Amerigo Vespucci…the italian that named the place, was first in North America, not South America…so if there would be an “America” it’d be North America.

But, that’d be confusing, no? So, both of them have their geography associated with their name. However, we’re not consistant, as Virginia and West Virginia = only one has their geogrpaphy in the name. :)

Answer #5

I don’t get it either. I have a Canadian friend who said Canadians aren’t referred to as ‘American’ even though they live in North America and speak with an American accent :S

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