Do police guard the condos?

when i lived in a condo. around 4 am police were paroling the courts area of the condos. in the morning also they were paroling also, do cops guard the condos?

Answer #1

i dont kno….:)maybe…..

Answer #2

The condo people probably have them patrol the area that way

Answer #3

Hey napninja! Long time no talk! Well if the condos are in a pretty bad part of town maybe they are looking for any crimes maybe. Or maybe they are looking for a guy who they are after who has been reported to be seen there and they are looking for him.

Answer #4

Wow that’s pretty bad a$$ if you ask me :)

Answer #5

The police guys usually have a district. And they are supposed to be around, scare off the bad guys and watch over good peoples safety. So they have a routine route through that district and check whether everything is as it’s supposed to be.

If a place has been the site of a crime in the past or if bored people call them up occasionally and report suspicious things (like… “officer, there is a group of young people hanging out in the back yard, smoking peculiarly large cigarettes” or “officer I’ve been hearing suspicious noises in XY-street. I think someone is lock-picking cars at night”) they will frequent an area more often. So if one of your former neighbors was bored and used to call the police about people who tried spraying graffiti at night or something, then they probably had to go there.

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