american grades and british years, what am I in?.

im 14. 15 this year and I’m in year 3 at school at the moment, and I was wondering what american grade am I in?

Answer #1

In Canada or the U.S. you would be in grade nine, the first year of high school.

Answer #2

9th Grade! in USA

Answer #3

when I was in year 9 at school (3rd year at high school) I would of been in 9th grade in the USA.

the years and grades are the same.

Answer #4

Uhmmm judeging by your age you’d probably be in grade 9 right now… And thats with you starting school at regular age, and not failing or skipping any years…

The USA is the same as Canada…

Answer #5

Most 14 year olds in Canada (at least) are usually in the 9th grade, provided they haven’t failed any years…I don’t think the USA is much different.

Answer #6

yeah at 14 I was in 9th grade US

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