Why don't I remember my first grade year?

I can remember EVERY teacher and have memories of each year from kindergarten to 12th, however, nothing from first grade. Not even memories at home, yet I can remember things under five years old….Any else have a similar problem? o.o It kinda scares me, haha.

Answer #1

Our memory is built to let unimportant things be forgotten. Our brains just aren’t built to remember everything. I dont remember my first grade year either except for random bits here and there.

Answer #2

You remember random bits though. I remember nothing at all. It’s like I didn’t go to first grade.

Answer #3

Feel lucky to b able to remember that much, I don’t remember to much before age 9, after 9 I can recall but things b4 that well I just don’t remember

Answer #4

You’re 19, so alot of your memories have been stored away. In this case, your 1st grade memories. Perhaps you do remember something, but you put it in as a second grade memory, or further into your life.

Answer #5

I Remember absolutely nothing about school in first grade I do remember random things though that I just assume were around that time era.

Answer #6

Memory is a very complex matter. Some psychologists will say that it is stored in your unconsious. It is in your memory it’s just you find it difficult accessing it. Perhaps in the future you will come across something that will trigger you to remember it.

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