Eighth grade, wanting to skip ninth grade.

I am in eighth grade right now. And I’m supposed to be going into nith grade next year. But I’m smart enough to be going into tenth grade, and my dad says it’s a smart descision to go ahead a grade. But I need to know what do over the summer. I want to take ninth grade classes, so I can go into tenth grade next year, but I go to a private school and they don’t offer summer school. And the public schools in my area are not so great. So can I take them online? I need help. And soon!

Answer #1

and let me add, that my school is tiny. we don’t have any school counselours or anything. and I’ve been elligible to skip a grade for a while now.

Answer #2

If your school feels you are able to skip a grade - they will tell you. Its their choice, not yours.

Answer #3

talk to a school councellor…

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