What do Americans learn about in math (or any other subjects) in 12th grade?

I go to school in europe and was just wondering whether the education here is better, because i’ve heard that very often. True?

Answer #1

Calculus or pre-calculus, if they are advanced…if not, “algebra II” or trigonometry.

Answer #2

My school has calculus and ore calculus and also an act prep math corse.

Answer #3

In my school, you have to take an english class, and any class you want. For math most kids take calc ab or bc or tech math. For science they can take anything from hydrology, astronomy, ap chem, ap bio, apenviro sci, human anatomy etc etc. For english they can take myth, grammar and usage, theatre appreciation, comtemp lit, ap lit,creative writingetc etc. For social studies there are classes like war and peace, apworld, apush, ap psych, just regular psych, sociology, ap human etc etc. So I don’t know if they’re better or anything..

Answer #4

i disagree, almost all seniors in my highschool take pre calculus eventhough they arent advanced the ones who are advanced took it their junior year and are taking ap calculus their senior year

Answer #5

I think it depends on the school district regulations.

Answer #6

could be, i just dont see those classes as advanced, they should be what a normal senior is taking instead of algebra II

Answer #7

It depends on the school you go to. When I was a senior I took A.P. Statistics, but Honors Calculus was also offered and the majority of seniors took College Algebra. Apparently it changed in the past few years so that seniors can take Pre-Calculus as well. I can’t really speak for the quality of American education vs. European education, but I do tihnk that my public school offered quality choices for senior math.

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