American grades and english years -school

ok, in america they call each school year a ‘grade’, but in england we call them ‘year’. I am in year 8, what grade would that be im america?

Answer #1

Elementary grades Kindergarten 5-6 years old 1st: 6-7 2nd: 7-8 3rd: 8-9 4th: 9-10 5th: 10-11 6th: 11-12 (6th is sometimes also considered middle school)

Middle School 7th: 12-13 8th: 13-14

High School 9th: 14-15 (freshman) 10th: 15-16 (sophomore) 11th: 16-17 (junior) 12th:17-18 (senior) (graduate school at 12th grade)

Answer #2

Well, do you consider kindergarten a year? If so, you’d be 7th grade, but if you don’t consider kindergarten as a year, then you’d be 8th grade.

Answer #3

in america Kindergarten - 5 years old 1st - 12 th grade 6-17 years old.

Answer #4

yup eight grade

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