How are the classes for ages and year groups split up in American schools?

Ok in england: Age 11-12=start high school year 7 Age 12-13= year 8 Age 13-14=year 9 Age14-15=year 10 Age 15-16=year 11 Age 16-18=college/ sixth form

How are the classes for Ages and year Groups split up in American schools?

Answer #1

That’s pretty much the way it is here in Canada, but we call Grades 7 and 8 “Junior High”

Answer #2

here in the us is the same as advicegrl said and pretty much the same as stephanief987

Answer #3

I’m not sure about American, but here’s Canadian -

College/university = 18+

High school: 17-18 = 12th grade 16-17 = 11th grade 15-16 = 10th grade 14-15 = 9th grade

Elementary school: 13-14 = 8th grade 12-13 = 7th grade 11-12 = 6th grade 10-11 = 5th grade 9-10= 4th grade 8-9 = 3rd grade 7-8 = 4th grade 6-7 = 3rd grade 5-6 = 2nd grade 4-5 = 1st grade

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