wats 9th grade???

I live in england. and I was wondering what 9th grade is. I know its like a year in school. but what age is a 9th grader??

in england I am a year 10. so whats that in america?

I am confused..

Answer #1

13 or 13 turning 14

Answer #2

well in america its a 14 year old turning 15 and sometimes its a 15 year old or a 15 year old turning 16 like me (im a junior now though)

Answer #3

well where I come from there is no 9th grade or 10th grade you finish elementary when you are in 8th grada and after that you go to high school after that coledge

Answer #4

Your usually 14 turning 15 and sometimes can be 15 turning 16

Answer #5

It’s like year 9 in the British system…

Answer #6

in canada a 9th grader can be as young as 13

Answer #7

it 14 -15 year old in 9th geade

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