Is Agnostic the new "fad" or do you truly feel that way?

Answer #1

just wondering.. not looking to make anyone upset..

Answer #2

I’m agnostic, but that’s likely because I come from a big Christian household. I was born and raised with the idea of a higher being, and something in me just isn’t willing to let that go yet. My husband is an atheist, and in time I likely will be too. My agnosticism gives me the little bit of comfort I need right now though, that there is something bigger than me out there, and that perhaps there is a life after this one. I need that verification right now.

I also need to believe in something because I can’t explain how we got here in my head. Sure there are theories of dark matter and the like, but they don’t suffice for me yet. In time, science will surely turn me away from any form of faith whatsoever, but not now. Of course, this is only me speaking for myself.

I wouldn’t consider agnosticism a “fad” though. It may be a growing trend, but that’s because people are beginning to deviate from religion. I don’t think it has anything to do with being a cool kid. It’s just a transitioning point between religion and full blown atheism that a lot of people fall into. Most do actually believe that way though, seeing that a lot of agnostics don’t even know what to call themselves initially. The feelings and beliefs come before the label, in essence.

Answer #3

I think a lot of people in this day and age are just starting to break away from the old style Christian ways and actually question what is really the truth. It seems people have a little more freedom to do that now than they did years ago.

Answer #4

All agnostic is are people who “don’t know”. Sasying you’re agnostic is basically the same as saying “I don’t know”. It could be the new fad, but I doubt it. A lot of people are breaking free from their old religions and truly don’t know where ti go from there, but one never knows what’s just a fad these days. Heck, seems like bisexuality has become a fad these days, so you never know.

Answer #5

I feel that way. No one religion has the answer. In fact, there is no “the” answer.

Answer #6

thanks! i like all the answers so far! hope to see more come in =)

Answer #7

To me it isn’t a fad. I’m agnostic. I personally do not know what is the truth and I also do not really care that much.

Answer #8

I’m agnostic because it makes sense.. Basically it is the philosophy of “I don’t know”. Because really who knows what comes after this life? Who knows what our purpose is? Who knows if God really exist? I certainly don’t, hence the reason why I am agnostic. And no one truly does, until you die.

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