Jesus the only way?

Why do people say that Jesus is the only way to get to the Father (Krishna)? I think I know the source of this prejudice. Such prejudice is largely based on the following verse from the New Testament ergo eimi ha hodos kai ha alatheia kai ha zoa; oudeis erketai pros ton patera ei ma di emou ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father expect through me.’ (Matt. 14:6) However, this is a rather slender peg on which to hang one’s religious intolerance. Especially since the original Greek renders the verse a bit differently than cited above- although the above translation is the one you would probably find in the Bible. The Greek word erketai is extremely present tense. So, rather than ‘comes’ as the word is rendered above, it would more accurately be ‘can presently come.’ This, of course, changes the whole meaning. Jesus is actually saying, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one can presently come to the Father except through me.’ Thus, Christian exclusivity becomes absurd. Unlike the interpretations pushed upon us by Bible-thumpers- who say that surrender to Jesus is the only way, for all time-Jesus simply said that he was the way presently, at that time, in Palestine 2,000 years ago. Says Dr. Boyd Daniels of The American Bible Society, ‘Oh, yes. The word erketai is definitely the present tense form of the verb. Jesus was speaking to his contemporaries.’ Please give suggestions. Thank You.

Answer #1

when christianity says the only way to get to heaven ( pie in the sky when you die ) is through jesus, it’s like an add for carpet cleaner saying “ this carpet cleaner is the only way to get clean carpets”.

Answer #2

You are strenghing it too much. Jesus is God and God is the father so just think about it.Why would you question everything that God said when he gave you life and so much more?

Answer #3

Why would god want to create life for it to just be negative? Thats stupid. Why go to all the trouble just to see “your children” suffer.

Answer #4


we are here to experience negativity because before we are born our souls (whatever you want to call it) we live in this “perfect” world and stuff, but we are sent to earth to experience negativity

because God cannot feel feelings and stuff blah blah blah

thats what I believe

Answer #5

Jesus isnt the way, we are all holy, the same things happens to everyone when we die (we become one again with god)

and im sorry if that sounds hippi-ish

Answer #6

Ok, So I don’t get it but.. why bother trying to answer all that stuff? I mean god gave you a life to live it.. now live it! lol.

Answer #7

I question it because Jesus never said he was God. God never said He was Jesus.

Answer #8

Im sorry but you freak me out. :(

Answer #9

Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven. Why would he ever give his life up in such a horrendous way, to be mocked and spit on, if there was any other possible way to get to God? That would make no sense. He died for you because he loved you and wanted to make a way for all of you to live forever with God, who is unable to look upon sin. That is why God turned away from Jesus as he was dying on the cross as Jesus Christ was taking on all the sins of all people. There is not much time left to make a decision to accept Jesus into your life. If you don’t believe me at least read the book of Revelations in the bible which was written thousands of years ago, and everything is coming to pass within the past few years as it was written then. Christianity is all based on “Faith”. Open your heart to him, before it is too late!

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