Is it ok to become agnostic?

Is it okay for me to be an agnostic, even though I’ve gone through 7 years of education in a catholic school and have been brought up to be a Christian. Is this wrong? Should I be influenced by my family?

Answer #1

Certainly all of us are free to make choices - bad and good - a wise person discerns which is which.

Answer #2

Obviously your parents are going to have a big influence on you.

Catholicism is your parents religion so you should learn all about it. One thing I found interesting about most Catholics is that they are usually open to criticism. Much more so than most other members of other sects I’ve talked to. There are lots of other kinds of Christianity to look into and of course there are other religious traditions. You can look into them all. Personally I found the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and the Baha’I faiths to be fascinating and admirable. I’d probably be a Quaker today if it wasn’t for the part about having to believe in God. Eastern religions like Buddhism and Taoism also have a lot of interesing ways of looking at things.

For balance you should look into skepticism, rationalism, free thought, etc.

After you are familiar with all the viewpoints you can make an informed decision about your worldview.

Answer #3

When I was younger, I was Christian. Then my father was asked his religion and he said,”Agnostic.” and I then asked him what that meant. And he told me it is when you believe there’s a God, but it doesn’t have to be a human who died on a cross. Once I discovered this, I became agnostic.

Answer #4

im agnostic to and I was rased as a christian mine my spelling I think you are your own persone and you should be able to belive in what ever you want

Answer #5

its perfectly fine! just because you were brought up a christian, or everyone in your family is, does not mean you have to be one too…it really all depends on were your heart lies. you can believe in anything you want, and whatever you choose your family should support you and not try and make you conform back to christianity!

Answer #6

“ if God is the fatherly diety the holy books claim he should not punish you for doing what your heart is comfortable with and dont let anyone tell you any different “

Very good advice. I agree.

Answer #7

Decide for yourself, but make it an informed decision. Don’t reject your family’s beliefs just because your family believes them! Find out for yourself.

Answer #8

ofcoarse not!!! you are your own person…with your own thoughts and feelings…dont let other people tell you what to velive in you must find this out on your own…I for 1 applaud your streinght and your intelegence in making up your own mind.kudos!!!

Answer #9

I see nothing wrong with it.

I myself have reachered other religions. you should find the religion that best suites your beliefs even if some people dont agree with it. your your own person you shouldnt have to go by what your parents are.

im a methodist but from personally expericense have thought about other religions before saying your agnostic reaserch more into it and maybe toher religions aswell.

Answer #10

Of course it’s ok to be agnostic. It’s ok to be an atheist too.

Answer #11

think for yourself.

Answer #12

You live in a generation where every one wants to do their own thing, with many going opposite what their parents want. Finding God, is something that we all have to do on our own. Your parents have made their choice, and prepared you to make yours, however, your choice is your choice. I am sure that they will be hurt when they find out what you truly think and belive, but, you can’t live your whole life to please them, even though they love you. You have to be free to learn and experience and grown, on your own. Nobody should take that away from you. The bible says that if a child is brought up in the faith, even though they stray, they will find their way back. So, I believe that you will one day. And until that day, I pray that God go with you.


Answer #13

you shouldn’t be influenced by your family. its good to decide things for yourself!

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