Why are my dreams so messed up and why do I feel weird after ?

Okaay, so over the last week either its taken me forever to fall asleep or, I’ve fallen asleep reaally quickly but had weird dreams . I cant remember the dream that I had a few days ago, but the one that I had last night was that I had a kid. I remember that she would be babysat by our older next door neighbor, but I also remembber feeling like this discomfort and evilness there . I cant remember the details inbetween, but the next thing I know, Im running from the old lady down the street with my baby in my arms and im holding my little sisters hand.

Suddenly my sister falls and I dont stop but I remember feeling the urge to pick her up in my arms with my baby . But I dont and theen I get the feeling that shes dead. Wheen I reach the end of the street I see my boyfriend there but all he does is watch, and theen hes behind me just standing there, and I start to panic. I turn around to run again, but suddnely the old lady is there, and theen I wake up. But wheen I woke up I felt over heated, and uncomfortable. And theen a few nights before, I remember feeling suffocated in my dream, and theen I wake up, and it feels like im gasping for air, which reaally freaked me out . As well that night I think the dream that I had had was of me jumping of a cement block, over a cliff and into the ocean. What do you think is causing these dreams and the way that I wake up ? Thanks .

Answer #1

No, not reaally, But school has started to become annoying lately,, not too much though

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