What is the best age to start a family?

I want to know what you think is the right AGE i know to wait till your stable and can raise it but a what point do you stop being to young or start being closer to the older side.

Answer #1

I would say 30.

Answer #2

Really why?

Answer #3

I think in the 20’s would be best. It’s then you really start growing more mature and things change. You’ve got to start thinking about settling down and where you wanna go in life. I think by the time your in your 20’s you’d have experienced whatever you wanted to and then it gets serious. Find someone you truly love, settle down, have no finance issues, have a good job, be married for at least a year or so then if you want little ones go for it. I really don’t think there is an actual age though, some people don’t find their partners until their in their 30’s some even 50’s. It all depends on the person and the way they control their lives. :-)

Answer #4

Well I honestly believe that there are several other factors that are much more important than age alone.

However, since you are asking specifically asking about the right age, my opinion is early 20’s for the girl (starting the family at about 22 ) and middle 20’s for the guy (starting about 24).

The M / F age difference is based solely on my belief that the guy matures later than the girl, and that the guy should be about 2 years older than the girl in order to start a relationship with similar levels of emotional and social maturity.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #5

i say 26-30 my parents had me when they where 33 and im 18 now and they are 51. to me that seems old like they wont be around longer

Answer #6

I would say 25 for a woman, that is the time when you already graduated from college, matured enough both mentally and physically. And 30 for a man, when he is already prepared for the stuff like jobs and financial.

Answer #7

Because at that age, you are usually finished with school, more likely to have a good/steady job, be settled down with a partner, etc… I personally want to have kids before I hit 30, but I think that is a middle age to have kids, if that makes sense.

Answer #8

depends on lifestyle for me i wouldn’t want to start one till im 27 that means i will have had time to do what i want and finish my 8 years of collage plus an extra year to do what i please but hey if your emotionally and fiscally stable also in finaces then i say when ur personally ready will be just fine

Answer #9

I don’t think that is a best age, as long as your an adult and ready. Some people have kids from their 20’s up and some leave until later and have kids up until their late 30’s.

Answer #10

i think around your 20’s or so…but it is really whomever’s choice.

Answer #11

When your ready for it.

Answer #12

to be honest age can be relative when starting a family. Yes the percentages are much higher for success as the older u get…but there are couples barely under the age of twenty who are outstanding parents and are doing quite well. My personal belief is I choose to wait when I know my partner and I can fully sustain a family. Not just financially, but emotionally, and spiritually…i need to know that a new family is not one of obligation only…but because i cherish and desire it for all the joys it can bring me…for how it can enrich my life as well as my partners.

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