Whats your opinion on a lesbian couple trying to start a family?

I know that now days being a gay or lesbian is accepted more than it was years ago and I just wanted to get some opinions on how people feel on a lesbian couple starting a family, and a child growing up with 2 mothers. Thanks.

Answer #1

im really not against it and definitely not the type to judge. but I do wonder what the child would think to know that their friends in school has a mother and a father in their life and they have 2 mothers… curious to know how you would explain that. there might even b kids in school who will tease the child, its great if you can love them and give them everything a mother/father couple would, you just have to know how to handle situations such as the ones that I mentioned.

Answer #2

No problem what so ever. Considering the number of lesbian couples I saw pushing baby carriages at the State Fair last year a lot of these couples are raising families now.

Answer #3

I think it’s less important to grow up with a mother and father than it is to grow up in a loving and safe environment. If a lesbian or gay couple can provide that environment, that’s wonderful.

Answer #4

Theres absolutely nothing wrong with it, its better to have two loving parents than one isnt it? so what if they’re both women (or both men)… Studies have shown that the kids do as well as if they grew up with a mum and a dad… like most minorities they face more problems, but most kids manage to deal with whatever prejudice they face…

Answer #5

not weird at all. I mean think of freinds with carol and susan with ben!

Answer #6

I see absolutely nothing wrong with it at all.

Answer #7

I think its great! a parent is a parent whether its a man and a woman or a woman and a woman or a man and a man.

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