Do I need to adopt my best friend or can she just come live with us?

Right where to start? Well my best friends mum is a total weirdo. She brain washed my best friend from the day she was born. Made her hate her father, and made her believe things that arent true like making her become a jew. But anyways my best friend hates her and wants to move in with her dad (her parents divorced ages ago) but the thing is her dad lives miles away and she doesnt want to move miles away from her friends and her boyfriend of nearly a year. so my mum said she could come live with my family, but the thing is i dont know if she would need to be legally adopted. So can you please help us out? Thanks :)

Answer #1

You most likely are not legal to adopt anyone if you have to ask that. Ask mommy and daddy.

Answer #2

well It depends on the age of your friend, but you can’t just adopt her anyways you would have to go to DHS and file that her mum isn’t right to look after her, then if they agree you have to go to court and see where it goes from there. theres alot of things you will have to do b4 she can just live with you. :( but I hope things work out for you friend

Answer #3

If shes the same age as you, then no, it’s not possible unless she gets emancipated which will be extremely hard at 14 years old. She can only legally move out unless shes 18 or emancipated, otherwise her mom can file in a report as a runaway & she could get in a lot of trouble. Her situation doesn’t seem too bad, atleast shes got a roof over her head, food & water & shes not dying, so everything seems to be ok for now, she can probably wait a few years, or until shes stable with a job & a car./

Answer #4

Im sure she can just live with you guys. As long as she doesnt just run away from home or her crazy mom might sue you guys for kidnapping (kidding, but it could happen lol) I think that legally adopting her would be too much work, and would need to involve her parents i would think

Answer #5

Like people i know have been kicked out of there house so they live with friends for a bit. so it would kind of be like that just for longer i guess

Answer #6

I wouldn’t try adopting her. That would involve her parents and they would need to agree to it/ give her up for adoption. They probably won’t. Just let her move in with you. And then wait. Her mom might report her as missing/runaway and she’ll be able to make her come home.

But maybe you can contact her father, and ask him to sign a letter that says that she actually lives with him but that he allows her to stay with your family for “sleep-overs” on a regular base. In order for her to be able to still visit that school and keep in contact with her friends.

Then she could go and see her dad on weekends and in school holidays. That will keep her (and your family) out of trouble, if her mother decides to go go to the police in order to make her move back home. Maybe it will result in a legal dispute between her two parents. For example if her mom disagrees with that letter and the fact that she moved in with her dad, and then sues her dad.

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