How young is too young to want to start a family?

How young is too young to want to start a family? Should you be married first?

Answer #1

Best Plan: education, ring, date, marriage, then baby.

Answer #2

wait till your bout 25, by that time most people are mentally, physically and finacially ready fo a family. Being married also helps

Answer #3

I think being married and financially stable is best! Babies are expensive… and it would be nice if you have a stable partner… who you love and loves you- to support eachother!

Answer #4

I believe that you should wait intil you are married and stable. Think of the baby and how much it costs.

Answer #5

I think you can start a family when you are both physically, financially and mentally stable. You don’t have to be married, but it is the best way to avoid being a single parent or divorce. Think about it : are you ready to have a baby in your life? If so, can you support it on your imcome? Family=Commitment, so be sure you really want to do this.

Answer #6

You don’t have to be married but if your going to be quite young make sure you have someone helping you along the way. I think the youngest you should be is 17 no younger and make sure your mature

Answer #7

Yes. You should be married first. Not only because you’ll be much more financially stable, but also for the sake of the child. If you are not working, you can’t support a family, but if you are working, you’d have to be away from your family, and if you weren’t married, then you’d have to shuffle your kids from relative to relative while you worked to pay the bills.

There are also many studies that show that children are much more adjusted and stable as adults if they are raised in a stable 2-parent household; if they have both a mother and a father.

Raising a family is hard, expensive, and extremely emotionally draining. You need to be completely ready to handle anything that life will throw at you.

Try doing some babysitting to give you a small taste of what it’s like to have more than one kid to take care of. Babies are fun and cute, but it’s not all fun, and they’re not as cute when they’re throwing a temper tantrum over something.

Answer #8

I don’t believe that marriage is necessary to have a happy family; but it is good to be financially stable. I had my first child married at age nineteen; now I’m 27, have another one, and want one more. I’ve been able to work since then, and I’m going to be a nurse, starting college this spring. I never understood why people wait to finish college before getting married; I’d rather have my children at a younger age, so when I’m 40, I can enjoy it! Have the kids while you’re young and you have the energy, not when you’re so old that everyone will think you are their grand parent! On the other hand, be out of highschool and able to support yourself; mom and dad will help pay for the baby, but they won’t want to raise it.

Answer #9

my best plan-graduate college-date diff. people for about a year-find the one you love-wait for proposal-marrage-baby [if you have a job]

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