Should we start a family when my boyfriend gets out of jail?

My boyfriend is in jail and he’s getting out soon so do you think we should start a family?

Answer #1

only if hes in jail for somthing that isnt scerious and only if your shure he going to straiton up so he wont be going back to jail so he will be able to be with you and the family you want

Answer #2

if I was you I wont not started a family because just in cased they go back to jail you will be rainsing your children by urself… and how old are u?

Answer #3

HAHAHA I cant belive you actually asked this…u got to be kiddin me…u clearly dont need to have a baby…especially from a dude who not even out yet…yall need time to get your lives together…u need to make sure that he aint gone be the type to be in and out of jail all the time…do you really want to be just another baby-mama…or do you want to be a mother…please think babygirl I know that a lot of women make it seem cool to be just another hood rat wit a baby but really its not…

Answer #4

jamirra, I hope you aren’t serious. He just getting out of JAIL, of course not. And its never okay to start a family with a ‘boyfriend’. You need to wait till you are married to someone that has a good paying job and is financially stable enough for a child, they are a lot of work. And say you were to have a child with him, what if he ends up back in jail? Which he most likely will. Then your left to raise the child on your own and that wouldn’t be fair to you or the child. Just because you say you love eachother, doesn’t mean its okay to put a child in the situation. You have long ways to go. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #5

LOL, I hope you aren’t serious. No, it’s not a good time. He needs to get himself together, and get his head on straight. Then he needs to prove that he’s going to stay out of the slammer, and keep a job. If you start a family right away, it shows that you do not care about your future baby. Quit being selfish. I do give you credit for asking though instead of just doing it. Good luck in the future. :)

Answer #6

You’re what, 16? 17? No! You’re too young. You haven’t even started your life. Why end it now? Just because you love your boyfriend it doesn’t mean that you have to have sex with him. None-the-less start having babies with him. Especially not at this time in your life.Just slow down and take things easy. You need to have a talk with your parents, if you’re honestly thinking about doing this. They can explain it better than I can.

Answer #7

thanks everybody for answering honest and I’m not doing it I just ask I’m not ready to be a mom or get married I was just asking

Answer #8

Best Plan: education, job for him, ring, date, marriage, financial stability, then baby.

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