What is the right age to start thinking of having a family?

Hello everyone, my question today is what age do you think is the right ahe to start thinking about having a family? If someone could answer me back I would be very greatfull. X

Answer #1

can I ask what does morning sickness feel like and what is it like. as last night I was ok for the whole day and it got to about 9lish and I had to be sick. what does that sound like?

Answer #2

For me personally I hope to be about 27 or around that age. I want to be settled down, have school finished with a stable career. I dont want my pregnancy to be a “oh noo im pregnant” moment I want it to be joyful, exciting, and expected. It’s different for everyone though but just me personally 27 is a good age.

Answer #3

oh rite. do you mind me asking how old you are now then?

Answer #4

I thought I was pregnant just laltey but took a test another negative test I cant wait till I get a postive one il be screaming then lol do you think he will think deep down but wont show it to me

Answer #5

he does hide his feeelin to me about a family and stuff. but I rekon he would be a good dad now if I were to get pregnant before 21. its cus I work with children I know how to feed them proper food and to make sure they stay safe so I think I would be a good mum but just need a postive test now lol

Answer #6

In MY opinion:

When you are over 25 years of age When you have an education When you know about sex When you know about birth and pregnancy When you have enough money to support you and a child and have done research about the costs of having a child When you are in a stable long term relationship (at least 2-3 years minimum) or better married

Answer #7

yeah and maybe my boyfriend will be ready then as its less than 2 years away as well. are you looking forward to have childen sorry if you dont wanna answer it you dont have to im just wondering.

Answer #8

I am finding it hard as I am ready completly its like I work with children so I know how to make sure they are healthy and everything like that but I dont want to get pregant when my boyfriend isnt ready to have a baby if you understand what I mean

Answer #9

oh he will be deep down lol remember he’ a man and us men dont really show feelings well I do thats cause I not bothered lol…exept cry ill never do that

Answer #10

I want a girl when I have a baby. but I could have twins. being a mum is important to me but it looks like I gotta wait abit longer

Answer #11

yeh hun im looking forward to it tbh they say it’s the women thats gets broody but im just as bad lol I defo want a boy tho…I’ve got 2000 quid rideing on its a boy so when the baby pops out im either 200 quid up or 200 quid down

Answer #12

yeh sounds like 21 is fine hun thats when me and my missus are thinking about it

:D good look

Answer #13

this is the thing is that I want to have a baby now I feel like im nearly ready but it wouldnt be right as my parner isnt ready which is a shame as he will make a good dad, I know a lot about sex education and I been to college and done 2 levels at college of childcare so my knowledge is a lot about children and about pregancy and stuff like that,

Answer #14

well I am 20 this november. and I am doing my level 3 nvq at the moment so money will be good when I have done that. I am well settled down with my boyfriend and my husband to be I hope as I love him to pieces. well maybe getting married and getting a house would be my next step really but I think just after 21 would be ok what does people thinking about my plan at the the moment?

Answer #15

When your able to sit in a restroom and read a positive pregnancy test without any negative or worrying thoughts :)

Answer #16

I can see what you are saying, I understand where you are coming from as anyone who that has a child should think about that as its the most important as if you cant afford to bring a child up then that is bad but I think after im 21 I will be more ready in me finshing my level 3 course and then I will have more experiance in doing nappies and everything like that but thank you for your advise it has helped me a lot.

Answer #17

id say your right after finishing you education, making money and you have a home, then if you feel like ts time then go for it, but id say that you make sure you do have a home, get married and have a little fun as a married couple before you go off making babys.. like maybe traveling and exploring life a little with your man. beacuse well when you do have a baby life will change. not in a bad horrible way but you will suddenly have more responsiblitys then youve ever had before and it will be a lilttle hard at time. but once you feel lile you have eveything and more that tyou can offer a child. then go for it.. goodluck girl I wish you the best

Answer #18

tbh huni it’s up to you im a soldier in the british army and I’ve been with my missus for 2 years now. next year we’ll be getting married and probs have a baby a little while after that. so what… thats the age of 21?. It depends are you settled? Do you have the money to raise a child comftabley? Have you got the space to raise a child?.And will your other half suport you haveing a child, is a big big thing so when it happens to me…well not me but my missus, im gona make sure im prepared lol

Answer #19

if your both ready and you show him a postitive test yeh damn right he will

Answer #20

I wish my boyfriend thought like that I would be very happy if he was thinking like that lol

Answer #21

it’ll be worth the wait hun but to tell you the truth I look forward to the day when I can yell I AM A DAD!! lol

Answer #22

im 16 and me and my girlfriend got a baby on the way :S

Answer #23

over 25..

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