What age should a kid be to cook on the stove without supervision?

Answer #1

I dont think there’s a specific age. It depends on the maturity of the kid and the circumstances. Where I come from you’ve got 9 year olds taking care of babies. That would be completely unacceptable here.

Answer #2

Up until the parent feels he/she is responsible or until the child feels responsible nd knows he/she is, or the age may be…about 11 or 12 +

Answer #3

I don’t think there is a certain age. They should be allowed to cook without supervision when they have learned to cook with supervision first…and seem to have no problems with cooking anymore.

Answer #4

14 or 15 up maybe, if they know what their doing

Answer #5

My oldest does and he is 12.

Answer #6

well, I cook now, as I have for almost 2 years now without adult supervision, and I’m 13. Now cook when I’m home alone, and when I babysit for families :)

but really, it depends on the kid like ty said, some kids are just really not mature or responsible.

Answer #7

back in the day children cooked meals around an open fire more than now. I wouldnt let them until you can trust them. Let them prove to you first that they could cook something a little more difficult under your supervision and see if they can earn the priviledge to do that

Answer #8

Ive cooked alone since i was in grade two

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