Answer #1

There is a debate about this. some say that dinosaurs were squeezed in somewhere after the plants and water were made but there are, however, creatures like giant lizards described in the bible so i beleive after

Answer #2

technically the dinosaurs haha. adam and eve are made up people, no evidence of existence. also dinosaurs evolved 1st . so the 1st humans on earth werent even close to being around when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Answer #3

In my opinion, Adam and eve were made up peope. The bible is a book of fiction. The dinosuars are proven scientific fact.

Answer #4

I believe Adam and Eve came after God made the dinosaurs.. because it says He made the heavens/earth, day/night, animals, etc.. and THEN Adam.. and THEN Eve.. dinosaurs are animals, so I would imagine they came first.

Answer #5

Wait– I guess they could’ve come before too…. Okay I have noo idea ;)

Answer #6

Read Genises 1….

Answer #7

God made the earth and all the animals first. then he created man (Adam) do be the superior being of his world. God wanted Adam to have a partner but he didnt like any of the animals so he created Eve with one of Afams ribs.

Answer #8

Well believing one notion would kinda contradict the other contradict the other

Answer #9

dinosaurs were first, they are animals. God made animals before he made Adam and Eve. and those who think of evolution as fact and creationism as fiction, if its PROVEN BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT… then why is it still referred to as a scientific theory…? im no attacker of beliefs, i just find it odd… i asked my science teacher if she believed in evolution and she stated that it is not a belief it is a fact, i simply responded that i accepted her answer as a yes… that was years ago. still interests me though.

Answer #10

God created Adam first, then all the animals (including the ‘dinosaurs’ - they are in the Bible, they just aren’t called dinosaurs since that word was made up by scientists much later) and then Eve. The guys who talk about evolution are wrong. That theory is unscientific and cannot be proven. It’s only believed in by people who refuse to believe God.

Answer #11

Least in the first version of genesis, HOWEVER in the second it claims man was made first, then animals, then woman. So it depends on whcih one you believe. But that’s the thing, you -believe-. There is no actual evidence nor proof to support your belief. Just like there’s no proof to support any other creation story. Nor that of ancient Greece, to that of modern wicca. Scientific discovery points to dinosaurs coming first.

Answer #12

“The guys who talk about evolution are wrong. That theory is unscientific and cannot be proven.”

Who are you to say that a religion is wrong? What gives you the impression that your religion’s theory has any more evidence to support it than any other theories? Pahaha, what… and there is scientific evidence to support the fact that “God” created Adam and Eve and then all the animals? I don’t think so. The theory of evolution has a ton of scientific evidence. So stop being so ignorant.

Answer #13

If the dinosaurs were around after Adam and Eve, they would have been eaten, so I say the dinosaurs were there first and then an asteroid hit Earth and wiped them out and then there was Adam and Eve . . . and myself . . .

Answer #14

i watched a video about this at a church retreat a few years ago and accordning to that they were around the same time. aadam and eve were like giants back then.. things were different lol theres really no true answer i gues but thats what i seen in the video

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