How did jesus create us from adam and eve?

Do you understand how they sey in the bible that jesus created and died for all of us, but the thing is thatt if adam and eve are white people how did we get other races(like spainish, mexikans, blacks and people of color pretty much)??

Answer #1

Very good eternallife. We did indeed evolve and that’s why there are multiple ethnicities.

However, Adam and Eve are not historical people. Humans evolved from earlier proto-humans, who evolved from even less humanlike ancestors, and on and on. Even the ancient Jews knew Adam and Eve were mythical and not historically real.

The story of Adam and Eve, like much of the Bible, is just a story, not reality. Once viewed in that correct way, you can then begin to understand that it’s a symbolic story of the loss of religious innocence - the transition from the childish view of religion as god in heaven sitting on a cloud, to the mature view based on knowledge of reality, wherein religious devotion requires work. This is the preface to the rest of the Old Testament - it is a work designed to promote religious fidelity in the light of knowledge. Right there in black and white in Genesis, for all who have cast aside childish literal inerrancy ideas to see.

Answer #2

You sure it’s not do to lack of a substantial argument

Answer #3

This is one of many huge holes in bible teachings.

Lets say, and why not, (because its in the bible)… Adam and Eve had two sons, (still no daughters as yet).

One son killed the other, you know, the whole Cain and Abel thing. Anyway… Now there are three people. Lets think how the whole of humanity could have started from that…

Adam and Eve probably had at least a few more children, assume boys and girls. They grew up and basically had sex with each other, thus making more children.

But wait!!, Isn’t it bad to have sex with your brother or sister, or parents - both morally and genetically?

One would have to also assume that Adam would have to also help the human race by fathering new children with some of his many daughters (and granddaughters) since Eve would rapidly grow infertile after 35+ years. So yet more incest.

So… seeing that the whole brood came from just two people, their children must have been genetically inferior. They must have been born cripples and mentally disabled because of the rampant inbreeding.

But hey, it must be right, because the bible said so!

Answer #4

However, Adam and Eve are not historical people. Humans evolved from earlier proto-humans, who evolved from even less humanlike ancestors, and on and on.

I don’t agree on this because macro evolution does not happen. I will be debating this issue because I have done much of this on this site earlier. I would only say this. The account of Adam and Eve is real history. We all came from that two people.

Answer #5

Most of the people who have replied here have done so without any understanding of the Bible. It is useless to try and refute all those non-sense. However anyone who is really interested to find out answers to such problems in the Bible, can funmail me. I will here just answer the questioner.

Basically the question is where did these races come from if God created only two people in the beginning. The answer is simple. We evolved. Studies have shown that micro-evolution (changes within a specie) does occur. So I agree with e_l_l_a on this.

Answer #6

wrong saved by grace. The orginal documents state Adam and Eve only had 3 children. It was in later years that a scripture was made stating Adam and Eve had 9 chicldren, both male and femal from an unknown author. However, Jubilees wasn’t widley accepted until it was lost then found again.

Getting to the question. Over years the human race would adapt to different environments. However, I doubt this would be widley accepted by creationist for it is a form of evalution. Yes, I know my spelling is off, my spell check is down.

Answer #7

There is a lot of controversy over this topic, but Genesis 4:15 says, “And the Lord said to him, “Therefore whoever kills Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.” And the Lord set a mark on Cain, lest anyone finding him should kill him.” The intriguing thing here is, WHAT OTHER PEOPLE?!? There’s a lot the Bible explains, and a lot it doesn’t, there are some things not even mentioned, it says Adam and Eve were the first humans created, but not necessarily the ONLY humans created. Also keep in mind Satan had been challenging God’s authority since the original creation. Also keep in mind that the lineages of all Adam’s descendants are followed through the Bible, where did the Canaanites come from? The Philippians?

Answer #8

According to the Bible Jesus wasn’t around yet when Adam and Eve were created. It was his dad God who created the universe. He was a pretty harsh god in the Old Testament but after he had a kid he lightened up a quite a bit in the New Testament.

The risk offspring face from incestuous relationships is that it is more likely that both parents will have the same genetic defects and getting them from both parents will cause them to be realized. If Adam, Eve, and their immediate progeny had none of these defects in theory they would be able have children without the dangers we associate with incest. That is one theory I read anyway.

Anyway, skin color is an adaptation to local conditions. Humans who live in places with strong sun have more pigmentation to protect them from the strong UV rays; humans who live in places with less sunlight have fairer skin so less sunlight will be needed to produce sufficient vitamin D. Now that people often inhabit distant regions we have more intermingling of skin colors.

Answer #9

it is possible for a white couple to have a black baby and a black couple to have a white baby…

it doesnt happen often but when it does obviously ‘youve been cheating’ and the rest of it… but dna tests proved the white couple and black couple are really their parents

but yeah they say its all in our genes family tree

watch this lil vid:

Answer #10

we have other races because we all live in different parts of the wold. people that lived in Africa developed A darker skin color over hundreds of years to cope with the sun. People that lived in colder places developed a lighter skin color. all of the other races, like Asian is just because in different parts of the world people have different ideas of whats beautiful.

Answer #11

there are theories that could explain it, but im pretty sure its been proven impossible scientifically.

Answer #12

^^^ Yes! haha

Answer #13

adam and eve where black, along the line of one their kids had an albino baby, tada!

Answer #14

He didn’t. The bible actually states it was god, but we all know the bible is not an actual account of history. And God didn’t either, even in an allegorical way. The story is just that, fiction. We started as mere dust, and over hundred of millions of Evolution, here we are, with a unknown number of other species and elements, all fitting a niche in our ecosystem. The anti evolution arguments tales of intelligent design, and that even if evolution exists, it was God who was the creator of the “Big Bang” and “intelligently” designed and “picked” life forms to evolve specifically, even though the scientific community has proof of evolution and survival of the fittest was how it worked, which most Christians reject, they will only accept god delibertly allowed things to evolve, their argument being we would have evolved into monkeys. that argument is beyond laughable, as our common ancestor to the chimps is extinct, due to a branching off into a series of unsuccessful Bi-Peds, that evolved until Homo sapien appeared in the fossil record. This evolution took millions of years, yet the bible, in the old testament, states that the earth is only 6000 years old, that Noah and Moses lived centuries, and too many Christians actually believe this and that humans lived with extinct dinosaurs, and that incontrovertible evidence that proves it impossible is dismissed as a conspiracy theory by Christians made up by the worlds scientists.

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