THE VISION! Our vision is to prepare Christians physically, mentally and especially spiritually, for these prophetic and tumultuous end-times. Thousands are coming to the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and Missouri (the safest place on earth?)

About ArkHaven

Who we are

ArkHaven is a Christian Community dedicated to providing an intentional Christian living experience. Our vision is to create an environment where Christians can grow spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared for the challenging times ahead. We believe in the importance of community and mutual aid without the constraints of managers or mandatory doctrines. At ArkHaven, we embrace the concept of “Intentional Neighbors” where like-minded individuals can own adjacent land, share common areas, and support one another in a peaceful and liberty-loving setting.

What we Do

At ArkHaven, we offer a unique opportunity for individuals seeking a peaceful, agrarian lifestyle in the serene Ozark mountains. Our community is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment where members can live harmoniously while preparing for the prophetic end times. We believe in following the teachings of Jesus/Yeshua as outlined in Romans 12 and Matthew 22, emphasizing the importance of loving our neighbors as ourselves and working together as one body in Christ.

Why you should use us

Choosing ArkHaven means becoming part of a community that values autonomy, diversity, and unity. As a member of our intentional Christian community, you will have the freedom to own your land, participate in various social groups and home fellowships, and enjoy the benefits of shared common areas while maintaining your independence. Our focus on mutual aid, Bible-based understanding, and preparation for the end times sets us apart as a unique and fulfilling living experience for believers seeking a deeper connection with like-minded individuals.

What can you ask?

  • How can I become a member of ArkHaven?
  • What amenities and infrastructure does ArkHaven provide to its residents?
  • Can I visit ArkHaven to see the community before making a decision?
  • Are there specific guidelines or requirements for living in ArkHaven?
  • How does ArkHaven support spiritual growth and development among its members?
  • What opportunities are available for social interaction and community involvement at ArkHaven?
  • How does ArkHaven ensure the safety and security of its residents in the Ozark mountains?

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