Do you acknowledge the existence of many Gods, all Gods, one God, no Gods, etc, and why?

What are your reasons or ideas behind it? If you think there are many Gods, do you hold some in higher favor than others? If there is only one in your mind where do people who believe in other Gods stand? This is more meant for people who actually follow some religion, but I know the atheists are going to speak up anyways so have your say =P

Answer #1

I don’t specifically know if there is a God but my parents are God-fearing Christians so I was raised to believe in God, but I personally there is just a greater power that controls Karma and Destiny. It sounds sort of witchcraftish but I am not a Wiccan or anything I just think there is some sort of Greater Power.

Answer #2

I believe that there is someone out there watching over us, not sure who or what but I like to have faith that I will never be alone in the world. What I do believe though is that the person watching over us, loves us, no matter how much we mess up or how much bad things we do, at the end of the day that person will accept our flaws. I don’t believe in god though because he seems to judgemental and does not accept everyone, it’s like he’s trying to make everyone perfect, but that isn’t possible, out flaws and choices make us who we are and no one should be able to frown down upon us because of who we are.

Answer #3

Cool, thanks. I like that answer. It’s pretty neutral.

Answer #4


Answer #5

I ask myself this alot. I admit this question thoroughly perplexes me. I’m not really sure. For now I’m going to have to say “No God” but who really knows?

Answer #6

a lot*

Answer #7

WELL…. There’s someone up there, that’s what I believe. Maybe there’s a ton of someone’s, and they’re all sitting around a big table making decisions =D There can be tons of gods, there can be one, I don’t really care as long as someone’s up there :)

Answer #8

More people need to admit that. Some people who don’t know just fall back on whatever the people around them go with, and I think that’s wrong, do the research and find something that fits you. And I mean, no one is ever going to know for sure until they’re dead anyways.

Answer #9

Making decisions about what? =P

Answer #10

I honestly have to say i do not know.. because i have taken the time to actually take note on most of the existences of deities out there, but i was raised by parents who are christians , but even if there is no actual proof… i still believe there is something out there.. because you know questions that most people ask themselves such as “ How the world was made” , i just like to know the easy answer.. so i go with.. a higher power created us all : D

Answer #11

“Hmm..where should this tree grow? Who should die this time? Let’s make a new species!” =D

Answer #12

I believe in a lot of things MORALLY but as to the god part… I don’t know.

I believe that some ideas in Christianity are right. Some in Buddhism are right. Some in Hinduism. Some in Satanism (please not that this is not anything like devil worshiping. In Satanism they believe that satan doesn’t exist while devil worshipping means you actually think he exists and you worship him). Some in many other things.

I just don’t know which God or idea of a god is real if any of them are.

Answer #13

I know a bit about Satanism, I’ve spoken to the few Satanists who I didn’t think were a joke, and read parts of the Satanic bible. Not for me. But yeah, there can be something to draw from every religion. I’ve only ever found one that clicked with me though. I still don’t believe in the existence of actual Gods though… but I’ve been through all this before. Thanks for your input.

Answer #14

But what if I plant the tree or crossbreed the goat and the rhino? >=D

Answer #15

Yea, I’m starting to read the Satanic Bible soon.

I have actually sort of made up my own religion. I call is “Somaticism” it is basically all of my beliefs in one. It is just missing the god part.

I am actually using “Somaticism” in the title of the autobiography I am writing soon. One of my pictures shows the front cover that I edited. It’s the only one with words on it if you want to look.

And you are welcome. Thank you for all of your responses. I appreciate them.

Answer #16

I’ll look into that. When you start getting ideas down, I’d love to hear them actually, if you don’t mind. And hey, not all religions need a God/ Gods anyway.

Answer #17

I’d like to think there is something watching over us, taking care of us like we’re it’s precious babies and it’s our momma but from what it looks like, it let’s us wreak havoc one to many times. Either the boss is being careless, forgetful, irresponsible, or he/she/it just doesn’t care.

I do think this being flawed, I think of said being like super man, gifted with unimaginable powers and tries to do good with them but isn’t always sure of what to do. I also think he’s lazy as well :P

Answer #18

I do believe in God.The names was never important to me as i have faith in all forms of God.I was born in a family with very high belief in God and religion,and thats what makes me feel that there is a god.My point of view is just that if there are ghosts (bad energy) so there is good energy also,which is god.I have seen cases of it,its just we don’t see good side of it.

Answer #19

the names *were

Answer #20

Thank you. =)

And well, I don’t know when I’m going to start writing it. If I start really soon I am only going to write about myself from ages 1-14ish. I need a few more years to continue forward from there because there are points that I am going to need a lot of hindsight from. I’ll probably finish it in about 2-3 years. I’ll try to write out my ideas sooner for you though.

And exactly. I’m just trying to figure out if there should be or not.

Answer #21

One God. ^ ^ Our Almighty Lord and Savior. < 3 Hallelujah & Amen! x]

Answer #22

I’m not necessarily challenging you, I just want to know, why do you shrug off the existence of other Gods? I follow the ways more oriented towards the Norse Gods, why aren’t they credible in your eyes if your God is?

Answer #23

I…don’t know what to believe in exactly and don’t know if I ever will. In spite of this I will enjoy my life, keep my head up high, and if there’s a god/gods I’m sorry but I’m confused about all of this religion “stuff”! All I know is I was forced into this world and I will always remain confused about my/everyone else’s existence and who created the world and all of that wonderful stuff.

Answer #24

In Judaism, there is one god. I believe there is a God. I don’t think his existence is to be worshiped by anyone or anything, rather to open our eyes at the world’s troubles and our own troubles and fix it.

To me, when someone says “Act of God”, I begin to think that God, the merciful, the all knowing, didn’t do it, we did. We see this in human nature to always project our own problems and the world’s problems onto one person or group and say they did it.

As I said before, I believe in God, but not for the reasons others do. I don’t need to blame God for not fixing something. I ask him why he didn’t give me hints that I was wrong.

As for thinking of other gods, I respect every religion in the world. I know that Hindus believe in many Gods, and I respect that. I try to learn about all of them too.

Answer #25

No. Just no. There are just so many contradictions and problems in theories and the bible etc. I just think the whole idea of religion is ridiculous. No offense to anyone, it’s just the way I see it. I don’t see the people as ridiculous, I think everyone can think what they want, believe what they want (as long as it doesn’t lead to the harm of others). I just see no logic in the concepts.

Answer #26

I believe there was such a man named jesus, but he did not look like what he is portrayed in churchs around the world. Actualy leonardo and many other painters just made him up to be a handsome italian man because they couldnt bear the thought they loved some middle-eatern jew (i dont mean to offend anyone just saying) But anyway back to the question, i believe in a higher power, but hat it is, i do not know.

Answer #27

eastern what

Answer #28

i believe that since it cannot be concretely proven or disproven, someone really just got to have faith that there is a god.

as for me, i believe there could be a god but it will not be world-shattering if there isnt. i believe only when it is convenient for me to do so. :S

i am also open to the possibility that people invented the idea of god because:

  1. they want to have a higher purpose in life (i.e. people cant accept that it ends in death, there has to be heaven and things like that). people are conceited beings. we want to stay on the top. its invent anything to make us believe that we are on top of all ‘created’ beings.

  2. another reason could be that there are some desperate life situations where you will believe in the impossible if you can just so you’ll say that you have done everything (i.e. your daughter is dying and you have already consulted with the best doctors around to no avail. you’ll really pray to all kinds of gods or the devil or whatever just to cover all bases and say that you have done everything in your power to help your daughter).

Now, based on what i have learned, there are a lot of theories that ‘prove’ there is a god. the one i can recall now is the principle of causality - there has to be a first cause to all this that is not created by something (i.e. let’s say everything started with a piece of rock. the first cause is the creator of this rock. the creator causes the rock and everything else stemming from this rock. noone created the creator. it is inherent and it caused itself. its just there. this first cause which is self-caused is god). there are other theories not just from Thomas Aquinas but i have forgotten about them :(

so yeah. i acknowledge it could be possible. but i dont really care if there is a god or not as i am living my life now. i just do what i think is right without deliberately hurting people. now, if there is no god, at least i did good. if there is a god, then hopefully he’ll see i still did good no matter if i didnt care if he’s there or not. :S

Answer #29

I believe in No God until science can prove otherwise.

Answer #30

oh shi!t i wrote a f*ckin essay. LOL

Answer #31

I find all the God theories presented by different religions I’ve studied to be extremely unlikely.

Answer #32

I believe in multiple God/Goddesses xD I’m Wiccan so I believe in the Goddess as well. Why? I don’t know. I don’t think one God can run the entire Earth. I mean, he’s the Almighty but Gods must get tired at some point. I also think that Satan has had a hard time. He only asked Eve to eat an apple and he gets turned into a snake for all enternity. She didn’t have to eat the damn thing. :/ I also have a strange belief that if you believe in Heaven/Hell, you will go to Heaven/Hell, if you believe in recarnation then you will be reincarnated. Whatever you believe, will happen to you :]

Answer #33

That is very similar to how I think. I think the mind is strong for some people, and will outlive the body. I also follow multiple gods and goddesses, not the Wiccan ones though. Thank you for your time.

Answer #34

I acknowledge the existence of ONE G-d which of course its the only one that there really is, the other one are statues, physical things without spirit..the real G-d is the opposite he’s not physical but he’s a spirit

Answer #35

Only one Creator! Because I’ve experienced Him, I’ve studied his values and right rulings…and if you begin to peel back these layers, seeing His wisdom…WOW

[link removed]

Answer #36

Multiple gods and goddesses however they all come back to one energy. The mana or spiritual energy of the earth that manafests in different forms. I’m a pagan so I think that it doesn’t matter if I call the goddess Hera or Bastet or Morrighan. They are all my lady and they are all my lord, they are the father and mother of the universe and they are the enery from which we come and to whom we’ll return ^^

Answer #37

The Bible identifies Jehovah as the only true God. (Psalm 83:18; John 17:3) The prophet Isaiah recorded God’s own words when he said: “Before me there was no God formed, and after me there continued to be none. I—I am Jehovah, and besides me there is no savior.”—Isaiah 43:10, 11.

All the other gods are not merely inferior to Jehovah. In most cases they are nonexistent—strictly figments of human imagination. The Bible refers to these gods as “the product of the hands of man . . . , which cannot see or hear or eat or smell.” (Deuteronomy 4:28) The Bible plainly teaches that Jehovah is the only true God.

To the Creator, false gods and their idols are repugnant. Yet, God’s words of displeasure are mainly directed to the people who have fabricated these false gods. His sentiments are forcefully expressed in these words: “The idols of the nations are silver and gold, the work of the hands of earthling man. A mouth they have, but they can speak nothing; eyes they have, but they can see nothing; ears they have, but they can give ear to nothing. Also there exists no spirit in their mouth. Those making them will become just like them, everyone who is trusting in them.”—Psalm 135:15-18.

This is what I personally believe,

Xoxo Heidi

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