Proof there are more Gods?

One of Gods commandments in the Bible is to not put any Gods before Him. Doesnt it stand to reason that if one God exists many others could? What do you think?

Answer #1

Yes… there are all kinds of gods… little g. And they are made of the most interesting things… gold… ivory… precious stones… wood… and almost anything else that you can think, also, cows are worshiped. Satan is worshiped. Diana was worshiped… I think we could go on and on. Plus, as rneal mentioned… the tv… sports…sports figures, dogs in the US, are being worshiped, as they have been elevated way above humans, thru the efforts of Peta, and their followers. Sex… oh, that is a good one… it is simply idolized… on every corner, in every book, on tv… in your face… everywhere you turn… and if the human body is not worshiped… then tell me, why it is spread all over everything? Nothing sells… without sex. It is glorified… and idolized. Billions and billions of dollars are spent daily.. on these things… while children go hungry… and while the ONE TRUE & LIVING GOD watches… and waits… for the time, when he will say… IT IS ENOUGH.

Answer #2

I actually have a theory on that one. For thinking more practically, I think that all that meant was the little idols and such the people had at the time.

But my theory is that all the world’s religions’ gods are truly the one God, but in many different forms. I mean, so many of these religions were around long before Jesus came and taught his word. So who’s to really say that all those religions, which had to come from SOMEWHERE, are all nothing?

That’s my idea of it. Ancient Egypt’s religion, with all their gods/goddesses, for example, was around for ages. If they were all truly on the completely wrong track, don’t you think God would’ve come up with some divine intervention earlier on? In the same way, I have trouble believing that Buddhist, Shinto, Hindu, Islam, Wiccan, and every other religion in the world, believers are all going to hell for believing that another religion is the right one. I think, when you get down to it, it’s all the same.

Religions have different componenets taken from other religions, so why should people assume that they’re all different? I think that the different religions all came about because that’s how they suited the people worshipping. Some religions, it suited their purposes to have God separated into different categories, so they could pray to this form for fertility, that one for a good harvest, etc.

Answer #3

Most cultures around the world believed there were multiple gods. In ireland, scotland, norse mythology, rome, greece, egypt etc etc.

No body knows for sure. You cant know for sure, which is where faith comes in.

Answer #4

Your statement itself could be proof of that… saying “not put any Gods before Him” implies there are other gods…

and yes it does stand to reason that there could be more than one god, if there’s one than why not more?

I dont know whether there’s one, or many, or none…

Answer #5

Sometimes people make material things gods like Money, the TV a computer Ect. Also at the time this was written idol worship was wide spread. But No, I believe there is only one God

Answer #6

It stands to reason that if there is at least one god, there could be an infinite number of gods.

However, it stands to even greater reason that there is not even 1 god, let alone a multitude of them

Answer #7

It’s quite clear to anyone who has read the Bible that there were considered to be other powers or “gods” active in the world. The idea was that Yahweh was more powerful than them all. Look at the Egyptian priests who went up against Moses. Look at the priests of Baal who had powers too.

Now I personally don’t believe in any gods but it is pretty obvious that people in Biblical times believed in other gods even if they didn’t worship them.

Answer #8

No, I believe there is one God and one God only…

Answer #9

There has never been any “proof” that any god has ever existed… you may want to reword that.

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Answer #11

in reality there is one god !

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