How do I get a 5 year old to stop wetting the bed?

I watch a 5 year old and he’s been wetting the bed for about a year. He was potty trained at three and was getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but now he’s not.

Answer #1

Poor guy. He’s probably sleeping through it. My friend’s son is also five- he was dry around 3.5-4.5 years but then started sleeping through it. He would get so worn out during the day that he would go into a really deep sleep. Unfortunately with a case like that, there is nothing you can do. Waking them up in the middle of the night can sometimes help, but that makes them more tired during the day, and they’ll often wet the bed before you wake them (if you wake them at 1 am or so) because their body is overcompensating for their exhaustion. She uses Goodnites on her son. He now wakes up once he’s wet them and goes and changes it himself and finishes peeing in the toilet. The feeling of the wetness is enough now to wake him from his semi-coma, lol. You should always talk to his pediatrician about medical issues, but it’s likely this is something he’ll just have to grow out of. Try the goodnites, she says she’s not had to clean wet sheets in the 3 months since she’s been using them on him. He was resistant at first but really prefers them to waking up soaked and smelling like pee. Now he just changes a wet one at night for a dry one, and goes back to bed. In the morning, he gets rinsed off in the shower and the problem is solved.

Answer #2

When I was little my parents gave me a teaspoon of honey before bed and it worked! I’m not sure if it works mentally or physically but it’s worth a try :) also make sure he goes to the toilet before bed and doesn’t drink much before it.

Answer #3

Easy! Get a moisture sensor and put it in his diaper. Then put the alarm in his room so that it wakes him up at the first sign of wetness. He will be able to train himself in no time!

Do a google search for Wet-Care WS-900 or “Wireless Diaper Wetness Sensor”

Answer #4

We have figured that he was just getting into a deeper sleep. He normally wakes up once he’s wet the bed. I make him go to the bathroom before bed, and when he’s at my home, I walk him to the bathroom about one or two hours after he falls asleep and make him go. Most of the time, he doesn’t wet the bed when I do this, but there have been a few times that even after doing this, he still wets the bed. I had him wearing the goodnites but when after about 4 months of not wetting, we took him out of them.

Answer #5

every night befor bed take him to the toilet

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