Convince my 5 year old sister to sleep in her own bed?

How can I convince my 5yr old sister to sleep in her own bed? It was cute at first but now I have no room @ I dont like telling my mom cause then she will just spake her @ I fell bad when she does that like its my fault.

Answer #1

or lock the door. or whats great. is say that a big girl would sleep in her own bed. and ask if she is a big girl. that works when im baby sitting and the kids dont do what I ask.

Answer #2

ask why she wants to be in your bed with you,, and when she tells you try and convince her that she cant do it forever and I don’t know, do something like makin her a bed on the floor. ;)

Answer #3

Well there’s a reason she doesn’t want to sleep by herself. I would suggest putting her to sleep in her own room and then getting up and going back to your room once she’s asleep so she gets use to the feeling of you not being there and her being in her own bed.

Answer #4

Sounds like a good idea.

Answer #5

orrr. you could make a little bed on your floor.

Answer #6

Thanks yall have helped a lot.

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