How can I stop my kids from wetting the bed?

I’m a single mother of a 5 and 3 year old, my daughters wet the bed almost every night. I make sure they have nothing to drink 2hrs before bedtime and make them pee couple of times before bedtime. I work all the time and not able to wake them up in the middle of the night to go pee, we go to bed by 9pm and I wake up at 5am for work and they both wet the bed all ready. I want to fix this problem. My 5 year old will start school and she already wants to stay with friends and I don’t want kids to make fun of her. Please help!

Answer #1

You need to talk to their pediatrician. They have excellent information on bed wetting. They’re five and three; by NO MEANS is this weird. Most 3 year olds I know wet almost nightly, and I’ve watched several kids up to age 6 who were still occasional wetters. It’s a body-mastery skill, not a curable behavior. They have to learn to control their bladders while they’re ASLEEP- that’s hard to do! :) Definitely call their pediatrician’s office; they have the best advice there is to offer.

If you’re worried about kids teasing your daughter- have her take her bath in the morning, before school- (she should anyways if she’s waking up soaked in urine). They’ll never know. And for sleepovers? Not many 5 year olds do that. Many can’t stand to be away from Mom and Dad in a strange house until they’re at least 8 years old. But if she does want to do a sleep over- they make goodnites. I’ve heard great things about the fact that you can’t see or hear them. Her friends wont know unless she tells them; they’re 5 after all.

Answer #2

my english teacher in high school told me this when we were talking about her son who was going into surgery when he had a problem wetting the bed the doctor told her whenever he had to go to the bathroom to make hime wait 15 minutes and that it would build up his bodies way of holding in the pee and it worked after two weeks

Answer #3

well you’ve got to potty train them. or I know it’s embarrassing but if they can’t stop you’ve got to put on diapers for them. or at least find a way. an alarm clock maybe to wake them up so they can get up and go pee. but the alarm clock shouldn’t be too loud because… well they might get too scared and pee themselves anyways. good luck though.

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