What should I do while babysitting a 5 yr old?

I am babysitting a young child and a five yr old and I’m not sure wht good things to do with him are. I NEED help:)

Answer #1

There are lots of different games you can play. Make-believe games are good for that age, like superheros, race car driver, restaurant, knights, etc. Also you could play with play doh, tinker toys or blocks, or colour or paint. Find out what his favourite toys and games are, and go from there. Go with the flow, just try to act goofy and make the kid laugh, that works best. Good luck :)

Answer #2

I’m 15 and I babysit a 3 and a half year old. He likes to play tag, hide and seek, and imaginary role playing games. We always watch child age appropriate movies and draw, paint, or color. Sometimes I bring my I-pod and bring my I-pod stereo thingy and we listen to music (age appropriate of course) and we dance and act goofy. :) It’s very important that your not too uptight and act very silly and goofy. They will develop a relationship with you if you act their age.

Hope this helps… HAVE FUN :)

Answer #3

Hi my name is jey and I babysit a few kids in the block but there is one that I am always taking care of him, he is 2 years old and 4 month, he is soo cute sometime he looks sooo bored and me to I be like what should I do, Then I see some cars or sords maybe cars that you can sit on and ride around, well gets what be one and they will have fun and you to, But you will only have fun if you love kids like I do.

I am 22 years old and I still don’t have kids of my own and I won’t have one, cause I wasen’t ment to have one.

Answer #4

well when you babysit a child the parents usaully leave you a list of what to do, such as what to feed him and when to feed him, when to put him to bed, when to take a bath, how much tv he can watch etc etc. have you ever babysitted before? or have you met this child before? if you have then maybe youll know some games hed like to play or some movie he likes to watch. but if this is your first time just try to get ot know him and make him feel and comfortable and secure with you, bring some children movies appropriate for his age group such as the incredibles or UP and ask if he would like to watch one, bring some story books maybe, just get down to his mentality and play with him, be his friend but ofcourse control, follow what the parents say.

btw young children love to play red light green light, house, restuarant (with fake food obv) games like that

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