Stubborn 5 yr old wont stay toilet trained

We have a son who will be 5 in December, he is being very stubborn & wont stay toilet trained. He can do it & has done before & while we went on a cruise for a holiday in April but now he is back to his old stubborn, lazy ways & just goes in his pants! Can you help? Thanks Sharon

Answer #1

my six year old cousin is the same way…just explain to him that if he feels a pain in his stomach or a tickle in his pee pee place then stop what he’s doing and at least try to go to the bathroom, just don’t force him to use or he’ll hate going to the bathroom, I feel that going to the bathroom is my quiet time and I enjoy it, make going to the bathroom fun for your son

Answer #2

my god how day you say that fau, that is a revolting thing to say

its not a bad problem my 5 year old does the same thing its not laziness its just he gets to involved in things and forgets or it sneaks up on him

there is a program my health visitor gave to me called sneaky poo here is are some links that will help

this is a pdf of the leaflet my health visitor gave to me

its very helpful and so far so good we’ve only had one accident in 6 weeks give it a go it worked for us

good luck and dont worry about fau that was just plain rude.

Answer #3

First, make sure he’s actually just being lazy. Some kids get so involved in what they are doing, that they don’t even realize they need to go until they can’t hold it any more.

But if that isn’t what’s goign on, then…

Don’t change his pants for him if he wets them until he’s crying and begging you to. Unless he’s mentally or emotionally handicapped, this technique should turn him around quickly.

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