15 with a pregnant 15 year old and in love. we need help moving in

I’m 15 and my 15 year old girlfriend is pregnant. I live in GA and want to move in with her. Any way I can move in with her?

Answer #1

well you should be able to because she is pregnant to tell that to her parents and that you want to be there for her and the baby.

Answer #2

with parent consent, you can be married and as a result of that, you can move in with her if you please. then it wouldn’t seem so wrong. how does she know you aren’t gonna run away and leave her with baby, you marry her. :)

Answer #3

No, it’s their house. You have to wait until you are 18. Then you two can move into your own place.

Answer #4

is there any way I can move in with her without parent’s consent?

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