my 17 year old brotherinlaw needs help

My 17 year old brother in law who is about to turn 18 in a few months has asked to move in with me and my husband. The problem is his mother and step father collect a check from where his biological father passed away and do not want to lose that money, the boy never sees a dime of that money and works. He has to pay his stepfather to leave the house can he move in with us and have his check moved to our address where we can step him up with a bank account? If so how can we do this

Answer #1

Sounds like a tough situation. I’d recommend you setup an account in his name, you’ll have to be co-signer or something, because he can’t have a bank account in his name until he’s 18, at which time he can have his own account. Talk to the bank, they should be very reasonable and understanding. We have all of our bank accounts with Bank of America, they have messed up a few times, but the branch I go to when I need something is very helpful for the most part.

Let us know if we can be of any more help, I hope things work out well for your brother in law & your family. Happy holidays.

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