Can I move out at 14 or 15 years old ?

Can I move out at 14 years old or 15 years old because i have alot of stress at my house or houses since my parents are divorce and my cousin might get an appt. soon close by so can i legally move in with him. On my own

Answer #1

Legally, being a minor, either: 1) person who has custody gives their permission or 2) you reach the ‘age of majority’ (usually 18) or 3) you get an order of Emancipation from the Courts..Good luck !!

Answer #2

Yea i moved out and im turning 15 but you have to live with a relative but you have to go to court first

Answer #3

Without parental consent or emancipation, no you cannot legally move out.

There’s more to think about than just the law too though. Even if you could legally move out, at 14 or 15 years old, I doubt you could pay rent, electricity, phone, or internet and have transportation.

Answer #4

Having family troubles is part of growing up, and makes you stronger in the long run. Try this for stress..I have an autistic, bipolar, ADHD younger brother who threatened me with knives and has physically hurt me before. A mom who is high strung because of this and lets it out on me, a dad who is gone all the time, and relatives who think I’m a bad person. There are other things but I don’t complain.. I’m glad my parents are still married, I’m glad my brother hasn’t gotten in serious trouble with the law yet. I’m thankful for lots of things and I look past all the bad.. give it a try sometime.. it’ll help

Answer #5

umm yeah no what u mean there im 17 and i cant move out or another year cus u usaully have to be 18 to move out with out your parents consent , but befor that you need your parents consent and this is usually 16!! just with things at home i no at times can get tough but my best advice is start saving up and then as soon as u turn 16 or 18 get a group of mates or people that want to move out and all rent a flat together but if u start saving up now it will make it easier for u to move out, but at 16 you will need ur parents to agree!! but if ur cousin has got a place then ask ur parents but u will need there consent!! hope ive helped and if u need to talk about ur parents divirce then email me ive been throught that ok!! take care X

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