West virginia, can a 16 year old move out if she is pregnant?

In the state of west virginia…can a 16 year old move out if she is pregnant???can she do this without getting emancipated through the courts???I dont know how to find out…and my friend is 2months and wants to get out of an emotionally abusive home so she dosen lose the baby…her boyfriend is almost 19 too

Answer #1

a 16 year old in west virgina is pregnant…pause …shock I thought that was the perect state were people didnt screw up

Answer #2

technically she cant move out since she’s only 16, but she can if she has her parents consent..she can escape though…just dont get caught and handle it..

Answer #3

Not without the courts or atleast some sort of legalilty…

ask her to call social services, this is their website http://www.wvdhhr.org/bcf/

Answer #4

no, she can’t legally move out without her parents consent.

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