Can a 17 year old move out?

Can a 17 year old, that has 2 months until shes eighteen, move out of their parents home without being charged with as a run-away before they turn eighteen? Im in Nevada, and are there any laws pertaining to this?

Answer #1

18 is the legal age to do whatever you want and your mother and father are still in charge of you untill you turn 18 and if you do move out it will be charged as a run away depending on some details even if before 18 ^ hey law class does help a little! (:

Answer #2

It’s 2 months, if you’ve survived 17 years, you can survive 2 months, it really isnt worth the hassle…

Answer #3

Depends on what state and city your in,California,I’m moving out a month after I’m 18.

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