Can a 15-year-old be a good mother?

I’m 15 years old. And been with my boyfriend for 3 months! might sound sad to alot of you but i do love him, we were best friends for 2 years before so we are extremely close and we are always there for each other.. I had only slept with one person before my boyfriend.. i i slept with my boyfriend for the first time on saturday and it was his first time it wasn’t a slaggish thing that happened it was sooo cuute and we got caught in the moment.. (Never used a condom). Now I’m worried that i may be pregnant.. I’m going to get a test but i dont know whether to tell my mum..? get an abortion..? or keep it..? do you think a 15 year old could have a baby and be a good mum…?

Cheeeeeeers x x x x x

Answer #1

sweetie i feel that u open ya legs and had it, and u should not even want anybody esle to take care of ya baby, for one it is not about the age, baby gurl it is all in the mind, it depends on how strong u r in the mind, ya know the pretty ricky song, age aint nothaing but a number thats what i’m talking bout and i know some 12 year olds that are parents and hey they r done good, so it is how r thinknin is if u have stinkin thinkin, then i suggest u to give ya baby up foor adpotion, don’t neva ask a question bout abortion and u den laid up and open ya legs, it aint dat baby faught, he or she was brought in the world,so don’t make him or her suffer, if you need somebody to take da baby if u r pregnant and can’t handle give it to a family member, good luck boo

                love pooh bear
Answer #2

Please make sure you are actually preg before you jump to any conclusion… do whats best for you and what you can handle… if you can’t support a child is probably the best thing… b/c when you give birth its pretty hard to give up a baby… because your motherly instincts set in… but as i said before you are jumping the gun… sometimes it takes months to get pregnant.

Answer #3

Please don’t make the baby pay for your mistake !!….Adpotion

Answer #4

yeah anybody can but you have to know that if you are you have to take responsibility and not give up on your baby. you have to deal with it and know it is hard work

Answer #5

check if ur pregnant in a few weeks after that well i think u should tell ur mom AFTER u tell ur boyfriend pls dont kill a life if u are and believe me after u hold that baby in ur arms u wont wanna let go no matter what if u are i know that ur bf and eachothers parents can help u guys thru that best of luck and i would love to hear if u are or not expecting .

Answer #6

well you should not ever get an abortion it is the wrong thing to do i mean if you get raped that would be another thing but an abortion 15 year olds would be a good mother but you got to know how to take care of them or you could get an adobtion you seem like you would be good with a baby so GOOD LUCK!

Answer #7

Dont get an abortion, its wrong and you’ll end up regretting it later on in life. I mean come on, your killing your own child. and if your seriously about abortion, go look up pictures of it, Im sure you’ll change your mind. Dont decide anything quiet yet, make sure your pregnant first, and if you are talk to you mom. and keep the baby. and talk to the father of the baby and get his point of view, talk to him before your mom tho. and yes a 15 year old can be a great mom, it just takes alot more work, time, and effort then it would if u were 20 or 30. keep your head up!

Answer #8

Yes i honestly think SOME 15 year olds can be good mothers…I got pregnant with my son when i was 16 years old..i am now almost 20 and he will be 3 june 25th..i was and still am a great mom..but i had TONS of help from his father and my mother..I think you should think about ALL your options..if you are pregnant..dont just think about abortion..but then again its TOTALLY your choice..and dont let people put you down about what you decide!! Good luck.

Answer #9

Abortion or adoption is your choice. I am pro-choice. But I am also pro life when it comes to what choice I’d make. There are so many out there who would take care of your baby.

As I have said before, you have hundreds of thousands of eggs, this is just one of them. A good set of parents can be there for that baby.

Please go to a pregnancy counselor. 15–it’s too young. Although you can be a kind and loving mother, it’s not fun to “grow up” with your children. Please consider your options other than raising this child yourself.

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