15 year olds getting pregnant?

I just found out a childhood friend is now 1 month pregnant, and she’s just gone 15 years old like a week ago, and when I asked if she was sure she could cope, she said she’d be fine. It really got me thinking…

I’m only 15 myself (infact I’m a few month older than her) and I’d NEVER be able to cope. Let alone even tell my parents. I know some people have chilren very young and are fine, like my grandma had my mum when she was just 16, but I just want to know your views on this.

I don’t have anything at all against people who were/are pregnant at quite a young age, but I just want to know what others think about it? Or if you had children at a young age, were you able to cope? I’d like to feed back to my friend about this, maybe if I get any good response.

Answer #1

uh, I think it is a shame. pregnancy should be a blessed, cherishable event in your life not just a stupid accident that you made when you were a teen and now you can barely even take care of the child. besides every1 should save sex for marriage!

Answer #2

I think 15 is way to young for childrean!! what was she thinking? I would confort her, and I think that she and her boyfriend together should tell her parents, cause after that it gets easier…or thats what people say

Answer #3

Your grandmother grew up in a totally different generation than we are in right now, so you can’t compare her at 15 to any 15 year old kid today. First of all, in that generation they got married at 18 and now people get married much later on. Also, back then the baby’s dad married the mother of the baby, supported a family and didn’t leave them for another woman either. Your friend has no idea what she is getting into although it is commendable of her to keep the baby. For you, focus on your education and goals and HAVE FUN… as much as you can.

Answer #4

I think its sad - I’ll be one to admit my ex and I tried when I was 18-years-old to have a child but then I talked to people on here and they knocked some sense into me (thank goodness) because I now realize the reality of it all and I know I wouldn’t have been able to make a good parent. I think its really irresponsible - I mean mistakes do happen (condom breaking, rape, etc.) but this isn’t the case most of the time. A lot of them just don’t care and don’t think it’ll happen to them. Its sad really and they don’t realize what damage they are doing.

Answer #5

I am a 15 year old girl and my boyfried is 17. We are planning on me getting pregnant this summer. We are in love and we know that we both want this. He wanted to try even before I told him I wanted to. I do plan on staying in school and having the life I always dreamed of but I get to have my family a little early. When you are a teen parent a baby stops you from making mistakes before you even think about em. Most teens expirement with alcohol or drugs, well when you have a baby you don’t even think about that at all. I do drink but I’m trying to quit somedays I start getting aggitated because I want to drink but I think about “am I going to be a bad parent and drink when I have a kid” then I tell myself to stop early and it will make it easier later on down the road to completely quit. So if you are a teen and you are thinking about getting pregnant be sure to ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Does my boyfriend want the same things I want?
  2. Will it be good for me?
  3. Is this what I really want? If you answered yes to all of these then you’re ready. But if there is one No then you might want to wait a little longer.
Answer #6

Im 15 and two months pregnant. I don’t know how to tell my parents because a few months before I was pregnant I was wathcing that show on MTV 16 and pregnant and my dad came in and said that if that happened to me the baby wouldnt be born because he would have shot my boyfriend and I. I am perfectly comfortable with having a baby,I am planning on graduating early and going to college early. I am good with kids and have never drinken alcohol or done drugs or smoked. I think I am capable but I don’t think my dad would like it at all but I am not worried about my mom, she got pregnant at seventeen with my brother and my grandmother before her. I have already told all my friends and my boyfriend and they are all supportive.

Answer #7

please!!! help me!!! my 11 year old friend is serious about getting pregnant!!! and shes in 6th grade!!! I dont want my best friend to do this!! her boyfriend just uses her and leaves her!!! she is buying condums next week with the money her mom gave her for her chores!!! and Im 13, and I dont think shes ready to make a commentment that big! I told her some of the things these great people said but she wont listen! I need help!! give me some reasons that can scare her! make her think twice! I cant bare her doing this… and my mom got pregnant at 17 and she dosnt reget it but she told me it was hard… all of her friends leaving her… her husband (my dad)was her next door neigbor… and I dont want her to live that life!!! please help me! even pray for her please!!! ♥♥♥♥

Answer #8

A child should not have a child - their innocence shattered - life altered forever - must become an instant adult, whether intended or not - hard road to go down - she’ll need your prayers and support, if able.

Answer #9

Well I’m 19 almost 20 and I don’t think I’d be able to cope with being a full time parent, I don’t want kids until I’m about 28-30. I think it does depend on the person and if they can cope but also if they can afford it and what not.

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Answer #11

It depends on the person. a lot of people think it’s wrong, horrible, a tradgety, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be a great thing to experience. I myself am 15 and pregnant. My baby is due right before my 16th birthday. It’s a scary thing but I know I’ll be able to cope. Abortion isn’t the right answer, and I can’t imagine carrying a baby for 9 months to just give it away. Not be able to watch it grow, laugh, smile, cry. Adoption however is the right answer for some people. But I think there are teens who get pregnant that can take care of their baby good. They won’t have a big age gap so they could relate to the child better. They could understand what it’s going through better. I personally am very excited to be a mom. It’ll bring a lot of experience in my life. If people could view this situation from a different angle then they wouldn’t think it’s a girl ruining her life. Having a baby can’t ruin a life it’ll make it better, more loving, more complicated, and more rewarding. I’m not saying girls should go out and get pregnant, but if it happens it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. That’s my point. And if a teen gets pregnant they should finish school and college. That’s my plan. I’m going to college even though I’m pregnant. It’ll make my life and my baby’s better.

Answer #12

its not ALL bad but its still not something I would do for like my case im 15 and NOT pregnant if I get pregnant I get kick out of the house and have to fend for myself. some parents understand and others not so much but as for me I would wait but if your friend says she can cope then maybe she can but is she cant cope let her know she better not chicken out in the middle or the end of her pregnancy. But make sure she stays in SCHOOL dont let her drop out becuase of the baby and yes she NEEDS to spend time with the baby but SCHOOL is important. The baby still might not be the best idea but hey im not your mom so im not going to tell you what to do but it maybe harder becuase she hasnt stopped growing or maturing yet so some things might not be fully diveloped but its her life. all I have to say is enjoy it and dont mess it up but dont worry either everything she be fine and work out in the end.

Answer #13

I guess its kind of difficult for some in their teens, but if they have lots of support from their parents/boyfriend/husband, whichever, then it helps. the advantage to having a child at a young age is that the mother would have more energy, but it can clash with education. some decide to have children, then concentrate on their career when their child is older. im 16, and if I got pregnant, I wouldnt give my baby up unless it was very bad circumstances, eg rape, or the fact I knew I couldnt manage.

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