What to wear on a plane?

Answer #1

What you would normally wear, if it’sa long plane ride I would wear cute sweat pants

Answer #2

leggings are always comfy, tshirt, bring a sweatshirt & for shoes wear flats or jandals.

Answer #3

Casual and nice….

Answer #4

should i wear some of the heavy stuff like jeans and a wool cardigan ?

Answer #5

comfortable clothes, easy removable shoes … nothing that looks explosive? that is all i can think of

Answer #6

it does get cold on the plane but running around looking for the gate can make you break a sweat

Answer #7

Well leggings, a long tshirt. I usually wear leggings and a tee and then I carry my pj on my carry on so that if I get uncomfortable, I can change into my pjs. It REALLLYY helps. :) and for shoes, I wear Converse usually but if i would recommend something that is easy to take off since in some security checks, u have to take off ur shoes also. Oh and don’t forget a jacket :)

Answer #8

wut EVER IS comfy, yet stylish

Answer #9

Yup go with her Go with something That You would like to sleep in :)

Answer #10

If your plane ride is going to be long, try wearing something comfortable like some jogging pants or yoga pants with a comfy tee and a pair of flip flops or flats(:

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