School Trip to Greece

Please suggest some places to visit around Greece.

Answer #1

Check out Athens , Kalambaka, Mykonos , Santorini, Eos etc and you will have an amazing time the islands are a must see

Answer #2

Well, if you would like to visit around Greece then i am sharing very interesting places of Greece where you can enjoy a lot.

  1. Best neoclassical harbour: Symi
  2. Best for parties: Mykonos 3.Best view: Santorini
  3. Best for food: Anywhere and nowhere
  4. Best uninhabited island: Farmakonisi
  5. Best for wildlife: Tilos
  6. Best classical site: Nas, Icaria
  7. Best for holiday reading: Corfu
  8. Best new age holiday: Skyros
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