What do French people call the surrounding area of Paris?

For my French homework. I can’t find the answer anywere..

Answer #1

Parisians. UN PARISIEN?

Answer #2

ile de France?

Answer #3

isnt that what you call people from paris?

Answer #4

Woops, I read the question wrong.

Answer #5


Answer #6

This answer again-_-you read the question wrong.

Answer #7

Paris’ inhabitants are known in English as “Parisians” and in French as … The Parisii,

Answer #8

Hahaha.. Well, whatever. I found the real answer. Its good.

Answer #9

Really whats the real answer? @Maree

Answer #10

she was asking about the surrounding area and yea what is the real answer?

Answer #11

Umm, I believe Les Banlieves.

Answer #12

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Answer #13

Are you looking for the word “Banlieue” ( = suburbs) ?

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