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Women preferrence men cologne

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How to survive a breakup

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What should I get my boyfriend of 7 months for val. Day?

Valentines day is coming up and I want to get my boyfriend something really nice & unforgetable. I have been in relationship where valentines day has came up but I never gave my ex's a gift for val. Day cause they really did not men lot to me but my cu...


Can the cashier lecture us about buying condoms?

I was in cvs with a bunch of people&we were looking at condoms, we werent going to buy them or anything but a women who worked there came over and told us to leave. I refused to leave though and I wanted to pay for my nail polish so I paid for it but s...


Can someone tell me why you cannot go by sizes at this store?

First I want to state that the clothes at the 99 cent store are very good quality and are beautiful. they are Ralph Lauren, Talbots, Old Navy, etc. But I noticed that you cannot go by sizes there. I am very thin, size 4,6,8 and I have bought tons of wi...


What could I get my boyfriend for Valentinesday?

So Vday is coming up and I wanted to give my boyfriend something nice. Today we're together for a month, so it's not a lot, but he gave me a beautiful, beautiful necklace today for our anniversary! :) I reallyyy like him. So I want to give him somethin...


Whats an idea for a christmas gift for my boyfriend?

So, I've been dating my boyfriend for two years now.
This is going to be our third christmas.
Last year, he got me a ring. a promise ring.
I got him some fifty dollar cologne.
but, I felt dumb for only buying him that.

(info. bout him)
-he wears holli...


What to give my 19 year old boyfriend for his birthday?

So I'm 1 year together with my boyfriend, and he's turning 19 the end of the month. I seriously don't know what to give him.. I already gave him a lot of stuff for Christmas, Valentinesday, Anniversarys, you know what I mean. (Also when I went on vacat...


Gift for my boyfriends 17th birthday

Alllrighty guys,
We've only been dating for like.. A month, but by the time his birthday comes around we'll be just a couple days from 2 months. (its october 6 right now, his birthday's october 26th, and our 2 month's november 1st)

So, with that in mi...


boyfriend 19th birthday